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Tonight in Italy Sinaldi reveals the left's plan: “Why is he defending Ferragni?”

Tonight in Italy Sinaldi reveals the left's plan: “Why is he defending Ferragni?”

The last month for Chiara Ferragni has been a real nightmare. Yes, because in the influencer's life there is now a before and after the Balocco case that led to a fine of one million euros decided by the Antitrust Authority. Meanwhile, the investigation carried out by the Milan Prosecutor's Office has expanded significantly, and now Fedez's wife has a serious hypothesis regarding aggravated fraud registered on the register of suspects not only in the Palocco Panduro case but also in the Dulce Preziosi Easter Eggs case and the Trudy Doll case. So the influencer will have to answer three episodes with the legal representatives of the production companies. The issue also became political, because the left initially rushed to protect Giorgia Meloni's words of accusation against Atrego. According to Pietro Sinaldi, who was asked about the topic during the Stasera Italia episode broadcast on Rete 4, “Firani has no political thought but only acts for commercial reasons, so she only says what she thinks will make her sell and improve her popular image.”

In short, there is little science in the co-director's assessment of Libero who, over time, has sided with the “political correctness” so dear to the left “not because he believes in it but because it is functional for him.” “Image.” But why so much effort on the part of Elie Schlein & Co. to defend it? Sinaldi’s opinion is clear: “There was a convergence of interests with the left, which said, ‘Oh, you better say what we say, and then we’ll make it ours,’ in a sense.” Thus, for the guest, it is a matter of mere chance, an attempt on the part of the left to get closer to Ferragni’s followers, and on the other hand a search by the influencer to appear as a champion of progressivism and women’s liberation. Hence Sinaldi’s sentence: “The left is looking for personalities because it cannot reach its people, this It seems clear to me.” Meanwhile, Giorgia Meloni announced a reform aimed at increasing transparency in philanthropy, which some have already called Ferragni's Law. In any case, this is not exactly a prosperous period for the businessman. Because if he had previously At least from a commercial point of view it was all roses and flowers. Now he could only hope that the wind would blow so strong that it would sweep away the memory of the Italians. Many had already abandoned it. The coming judicial scenarios would reveal the rest.

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