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Here you can eat the best arancin in Sicily.  I have star level –

Here you can eat the best arancin in Sicily. I have star level –

Arancini – Fonte_depositphotos –

This place serves the best arancini in all of Sicily. The level of this setting is really excellent.

They call them arancin, but also arancini. But what is the right choice? In fact, the correct name depends on the region in which this Sicilian delicacy is eaten. Obviously, what distinguishes one product from another is not only the name, but also the form and ingredients.

I think that in Campania They call them rice balls, but arancina makes your mouth water. Because it's street food par excellence, and it's a preparation so enjoyable that it takes you one step closer to the gates of hell for having sinned against gluttony.

to leave of One of the best deadly sins, you can taste this product that very few have eaten and very few have tried to prepare at least once in their lives. Because in Sicily and perhaps also in other parts of Italy, when there is leftover the previous day's rice, it is necessary to prepare an excellent arancini over the phone.

Dear Trinacria there Home of this setting Which you can pick up at the chip shop and enjoy while walking the streets of the centre, but you can also eat at one of the starred restaurants in the area.

Arancina or arancino?

Sometimes they are round, other times they are pointed. The original recipe calls for it to be made with rice, ragu and peas, but frying specialists have played with it to create new combinations. So they appeared instead of rice macaroni We also ended up drawing inspiration from all of Italy, as well as Sicily, including arancino alla carbonara, cacio e pepe or alla norma.

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But is it called arancina or arancino? This is a dilemma that has been divided over centuries. In fact, this pearl of the pan is called Arancina in the western region of Sicily and Arancino in the east.

Arancino - Fonte_depositphotos -
Arancino – Fonte_depositphotos –

Michelin star Arancino

Who says street food can't live up to sophisticated dining? Modern cuisine has taught us that anything is possible and the proof is true Bino Cutaya One of the most famous signatures of Sicilian cuisine. In his restaurant La Madea, with two Michelin stars Allows you to enjoy a truly innovative fish-based arancino.

A stew of red mullet and wild fennel, served on a plate in which red mullet soup is poured. The whole thing is enriched with dried and fried red mullet tails. Real sensitivity.