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Those steps on … Snow –

Those steps on … Snow –

I can’t wait for the snow to fall so I can walk on white.
I can’t wait for it to snow but I hate those who stain the snow with their footprints.

I hate snow and just thinking about walking on it makes me cold.
I love walking on snow to hear the noise it makes.
I don’t even remember the sound of stomping on snow because it hasn’t snowed in my area for a long time.

Wet snow becomes “scic, scic”, wet but not much “croc, croc”, dry snow is practically “silent”.

Everyone reacts differently to a slightly snowy road. There are those who reflect on the effort it took those chips to root themselves on hot asphalt, after hours of rain, after temperatures finally spared them a few hours of glory to avoid the end of a humble water drop.

A snowflake is nobler the longer it lives on the ground Black asphalt is the most coveted conquest, lawn is an easy victory, car windshields, roofs likewise, but the satisfaction of an open pavement and then an asphalt road is priceless.

And just thinking about the effort I’m almost sorry to spoil this effort with our rough footprint but it’s true that coexistence with the snow element is someone taking these steps on the snow just to experience that long overdue moment with All possible holinessAs if to say: “I was there, I was with nature.”

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