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This plant cannot be missing if we want colorful flowers all summer طوال

This plant cannot be missing if we want colorful flowers all summer طوال

Its colorful and elegant flowers exude a sense of sophistication and sympathy at the same time. The plant that the editorial team wants to propose today is very appreciated, not only for its beautiful appearance, but also for its ease of cultivation.

We have talked a lot about beautiful plants that do not require special care. In fact, the home and garden pillar designed by ProiezionidiBorsa is full of exceptionally maintenance-free flowers, plants and shrubs but in a short time decorates and makes the “green” spaces in each home unique. Plus, there’s no shortage of secrets and tips gleaned from the best nurseries.

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This plant cannot be missing if we want colorful flowers all summer طوال

We are talking about yarrow, which is a perennial plant that gives a long and abundant flowering. The respective factory is located within family Asteraceae and many more species can be found. From big to dwarf.

Achillea is highly recommended for all those who want to decorate their garden, balcony or terrace in a short time and with surprising results.
In fact, this particular vegetable does not require special attention, it needs little water and is suitable for clay soil.

Cutting wilted flowers is the only step you should not forget to get more abundant flowers and more vibrant colors. In addition, the colors of the flowers change over time, become a little calmer and give the plant new shades.

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3 great reasons to get it

When planted near fruit trees, the plant contributes to the growth of fruits, which makes them of higher quality, since their roots are rich in magnesium.

The flowers attract many different pollinators, including colorful butterflies.

Finally, yarrow can be a natural ground cover. It is enough to make it grow undisturbed in our garden to get tracts of flowers. Therefore, that is why this plant can not be missing if we want colorful flowers all summer.