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Government, sees Conte Draghi: ‘We stay in government but we need to be interrupted’ – Politics

“We spoke to Draghi, gave him a document called M5s, collected strong political concern. We are ready to share government responsibility as we have done so far in a sincere and constructive manner, but a strong sign of discontinuity is needed. This was stated by M5s President Giuseppe Conte at the end of the meeting with Prime Minister Mario Draghi that lasted more than ‘now’, Conte said in another paragraph: ‘We no longer allow the questioning of citizenship income on a daily basis.’ You do not need a €200 bonus. You must cut Tax wedge. We must intervene for the sake of workers and for the minimum wage.” “Draghi – explained – will take some time to assess our requests, I did not expect an immediate response, he was not even serious.”

Palazzo Chigi Positive encounter
The meeting between Prime Minister Mario Draghi and M5s leader Giuseppe Conte was defined as “positive and cooperative” by sources at Palazzo Chigi. “In the first place – explain the same sources – Conte emphasized M5S support for the government; then presented a letter, which was discussed by the M5S National Council. Several issues raised in a line of continuity with government actions were identified. Among the points Conte addressed, in particular, Citizenship income, minimum wage, tax wedge, super bonus, and expensive bills.” Draghi “listened intently to what the M5S chief represented.” Among the points addressed vis-à-vis Palazzo Chigi are also “middle income support, ecological transformation, and tax bills payment in installments”.

Conte called this morning from the party that presided over the National Council to decide on the line in view of the meeting at the Chigi Palace in which the Remain line prevailed in the government even if, according to the movement’s sources, this is related to the concrete answers. , in fact, which will be given to the various points of our applications.

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M5S . document
“I intend to represent the deep political anxiety that the M5s community has been experiencing for some time, and even more acute due to recent events. I remember that the reasons for the existence of the M5s are and still are the interests of the citizens and good people of the country.” It is an excerpt from the document that M5s leader Giuseppe Conte handed to Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “We have always worked for a peaceful discussion of problems,” “this was not the position of all the majority political forces. We suffered from hurtful attacks, disrespect, directives aimed at destroying our very existence.” “The current crisis requires an extraordinary, large and organic intervention in the interests of families and businesses. The €200 bonus does not solve the serious problems our compatriots face. We have asked you several times for a budget variation. Significant support measures are also needed for companies and the self-employed, who certainly will not be able to Carry this increased billing cost and this inflationary boost.”

Meanwhile, after yesterday’s tensions, The government has raised the issue of confidence in assistance to the Chamber, in the text of the commission. It is announced by the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico de Inca before the Assembly of Montestorio. The final vote on the aid decree will take place in Aula della Camerta on Monday at 2 pm, and the explanation of the vote will begin at 12.30. Founded at the Group Leaders Conference. Tomorrow, after the vote of confidence, the text agenda will be examined. After approval by the House, the text will go to the Senate, which will have a few days to scrutinize it before the deadline, on July 16. If trust in the super reward could threaten the survival of the M5s in the government? We will talk about it at the meeting of the leaders of the group and we will define our position on this point. Our ministers didn’t really participate in the Clean Development Mechanism’s vote for a wholly whimsical standard. “We are not here to preach ecological transformation by day and to allow new drilling at night,” Conte said after meeting Draghi.

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