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They empty your account in a minute

ATM owners should beware of the scam that has been so common in recent times that leads to a complete account emptying.

Scam –

Most Italians have a Bank account Where the salary is paid on a monthly basis directly without the need to collect it in the bank.

Unlike before, thanks to new technologies, online banking and all e-commerce services, most of our population village tends to own ATM.

ATMs: Beware of Currency Scam

For this reason, withdrawals of money from banks or post office branches have been greatly reduced in addition to progress over time and thanks to the use of direct card payments, it seems that the use of cash is less and less.

ATM: Currency Scam
Bancomat –

From July 1For example, all merchants should allow their buyers to be able to pay even a minimum amount using a Credit card or a ATM If they ask for it.

Refusal to do so entails a very high fine on the part of the operator since there is also an obligation to save time and reduce the circulation of existing funds.

Precisely for this reason, last year too ATM Which is less and less as fewer and fewer people go to withdraw cash when using ATM For almost all operations.

ATM: Currency Scam
ATM Pin –

This way, you will not only avoid carrying large amounts of money with you but you can also track your movements and the remaining funds in your account via the app.

However, innovation is not understood by the entire population, and there are some elderly people who cannot understand how to use certain applications and new technologies, and therefore prefer to have cash with them.

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Thus, they, as well as those who need to withdraw cash from ATM They are often subjected to a scam called “the dime” because of the way it is implemented.

How does deception happen?

Scam happens when someone gets close toATM To withdraw money, in this case in order to get cash, the account holder must enter his own money pin And at this exact moment, the scammers are taking action.

Usually they always act in two parts and stand behind the victim. Someone throws a coin or bill on the floor and asks the person who is withdrawing the money if the money on the floor is theirs.

If the victim goes down to take the cash on the ground or takes a look, he will not notice that the other fraudster after seeing his token pin Replaces a valid card with an identical card that is already unusable.

This way, scammers can remove a file ATM And to get the code so that they can withdraw more money and then move away, they go to ATM Beyond that to withdraw the funds allowed until the account is depleted.

ATM: Currency Scam
Automated teller machines –

Only later, when there is no more money in the card and before it is blocked, they throw it away so that it cannot be traced through the list of movements.

Therefore, you should always be very careful when withdrawing money from a ATM And watch out for anyone who approaches us and covers the keys when we type our code pin As well as not being distracted during the process.

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Only in this way will scammers find it difficult to implement their strategy and will have to abandon their plan and thus abandon the scam.