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“There is savings in consumption, but the journey must be planned.” – Chronicle

Maurizio Checcatello has bought an electric car: a new horizon, especially now that Europe has set an expiration date for fossil fuels.

Checcatello, how long have you owned an electric car?

“Since September of last year. I had very old gasoline.”

are you happy?

“Yes, I am happy”.

Is there a saving?

“Yes, then it must be said that I am not a person who uses the car a lot, I often commute on foot or by bicycle. But on consumption I found what I expected, the savings are there.”

How do you organize a return shipping?

“I live in Lugo and here I am lucky that the municipality provides a free queue for the residents. But I don’t have any problems even at home. When I am in the most difficult I go to the Hera Pillars.”

I think this is paid

“Exactly, there are some around. Still cheap.”

How many kilometers does your car drive with a full power tank?

“About 230,240 kilometers. It doesn’t have much range, but it’s comfortable for my needs.”

How long does it take to ship it?

“At home, it takes a long time to recharge, about 12 hours. I plug it in in the evening and unplug in the morning. On the other hand, it’s faster in the outdoor poles, 2-4 hours at a bone.”

Columns are not yet widespread. Is this a problem for long trips?

“You have to adapt. I am retired and don’t do big tours, so I have a way of adapting. With the applications today, it’s very simple, it shows you where the columns are. I happened to move to Bologna and Rimini without problems but you have to plan your trip.”

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The impression is that with so few poles today, it is difficult to imagine that even those who travel several kilometers can switch to electric.

“That’s right. For me, I’m not in a hurry, it’s perfect. But there is still a difficult moment for this, because obviously the driver who has the electric car has to adapt to the availability of poles.”

Is the arrival of more columns in Ravenna good news?

“Yes, of course it is. In fact, I hope they get more and more everywhere, because for me electricity is the future.”

Sarah Servadi