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There is high pressure, but something is wrong; Let’s see what happens by evening / night »

Meteo Chronicle Direct: There is high pressure, but something is wrong; Let’s see what happens in the evening/night

Here’s how the weather evolves between evening and night Because although there arehigh pressure Isn’t the weather nice in some parts of the country? Well, in the meantime, we’re assuming we’re still in autumn As often happens in this period, high pressures still fail to find the greatest safety characteristic of the classic summer months. If we add to this aspect, which is already fundamental in itself, that it is too hot for the season, then that’s it.

The intense heat with less granitic hardness of high pressure has aided, to this day, in the development of the classical observations of instability which, precisely in hot hours, are particularly concentrated near the reliefs, particularly the more oriental ones where in the afternoon, they were There is some rain and some scattered thunderstorms.

It is also worth noting that there is another corner of the country where weather forecast He was not completely calm. This is the case in the western and central part of Liguria, where the high level of humidity gave rise to sea clouds that kept the sky mostly cloudy for most of the day.

However, as often happens, afternoon instability observations will be completely exhausted in the next few hours to ensure an evening and night of complete atmospheric calm even if many cloud covers remain over the Alps.