Sunday, July 21, 2024

The worst president in history – Il Tempo


Maria Giovanna Magli criticizes President Biden. During the episode “Controcorrente” that aired on Saturday 14 May, the journalist explained the reasons why one cannot continue on a sterile peaceful path that leaves the time one finds. “I think pacifism is a losing movement because I think there is no peace without justice. All those who are crying out for peace in this country had to take seriously the history of Sweden, Finland and NATO because this is a form of objective pressure against it. Putin, on the other hand. , if the answer is not the time because he is angry, what are the foundations of peace?

“But you can’t give in to Putin because the Ukrainians aren’t right – that’s the variable we still forget. Zelensky could also be a politically motivated comedian, he could also take orders from America, Biden could be the worst president ever seen (that’s Mariah’s opinion). Giovanna Magli) and for his conversations about the butcher, the criminal is taken up, but it is also true that the situation on Earth is that Zelensky cannot even give up Crimea. ”

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