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United States, thousands of people in the streets for the right to abortion: in Washington the march in front of the Supreme Court ends - video

United States, thousands of people in the streets for the right to abortion: in Washington the march in front of the Supreme Court ends – video

The United State Take to the streets for The right to an abortion. Thousands of people demonstrated across the country from From New York to Washington, and from Los Angeles to Boston pass Austin, the Democratic stronghold of Republican and hard-line Texas. The protests are just a taste of the feared “summer of rage.” In fact, in June Supreme court You will have to decide and the direction of the articles, which emerged from the recently leaked and published draft, is the heart of the Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling who has certified Abortion in the United States.

Leaked news from the Supreme Court in early May is the basis Protest An American woman who doesn’t want to be denied a right who has won hard-earned over years and years of battle. Anger weighs on us White House: Faced with the inability to function of a divided Congress, the pressure increases Joe BidenMany called for intervention to defend the assault on women’s rights. For the president, in light of the midterm elections, abortion is a particularly thorny issue, because it carries risks widening deep divisions It already exists in American society and alienates many voters. Despite that, he is one for Biden and the Democrats decisive battle, where privacy protections are at stake, too. “Remember what I’m telling you now: With abortion brutality in sight, gay weddings will be over,” the president recently said, warning that the Supreme Court’s decision with a conservative majority — thanks to his three appointments Donald Trump – It could be on a social level.

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If the wise decide to overturn the case of Roe v. Wade, in fact, Abortion will immediately become illegal in dozens of US states. “Our goal here in California is to help our sisters in neighboring Texas,” explains the Women’s March Foundation. Emiliana Guerica, referring to the fact that Texas is one of the US states where abortion becomes completely illegal, forcing women to seek help elsewhere. Anger is evident among the protesters. “The Supreme Court should defend rights, not erase themThere are many misunderstandings about the issue of abortion. Many only think of unwanted children, but this is not the case. There are women who are forced to have an abortion because of complications, and others because their lives are in danger,” she says. Lauren Fraser, director of communications and marketing for Planned Parenthood Southeast, speaking in Atlanta. Following a protest in front of the private homes of conservative constitutional judges, in Washington, D.C., protesters demonstrated They walked to the seat of the Supreme Court In order to convey America’s clear message: “Hands off our bodies. No one can decide what is best for us but ourselves. The body is mine and I decide.”