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Televoto Eurovision 2022: Here's how to vote

Televoto Eurovision 2022: Here’s how to vote

“On the TV” and “Turn off the TV”. How many times have we heard conductors sanremo Repeat these words that we will hear again tonight on the occasion of Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Final By the three conductors, Laura BusiniAnd Alessandro Cattelan And Mica. As in the Italian Song Festival inEuroFestivalAs we used to call it, there are TV shows, but in general, the mechanism is completely different.

Television at Eurovision

Over the years, at the Eurovision Song Contest (or simply more Exit) Different voting systems followed each other. The current version was first used in 2009 and was extended the following year to the semifinals; It consists of a 50 percent mix of television broadcasts and voting by juries made up of music professionals.

The winner of Eurovision is determined by the sum of the rankings of the countries that participated in the competition: each country expresses itself through television (which opens for about 15 minutes at the end of all 26 shows) and by a jury of five experts (and distinguished jurors who They formed their preferences during the “rehearsal” that took place earlier).

No country can vote for its representative

The rule of thumb is that no country can vote for its representative, either by television or by a national jury. So it is not possible to vote from Italy Mahmoud and Blanco and theirs goosebumps definitely. National juries vote by putting together a ranking of the ten favorite songs: you will each receive from a maximum of 12 points – first – to at least 1, the tenth.

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Jury results are added to the final evening’s telecast results and the winner is determined. Each viewer can cast a maximum of five votes per user, both static and animated.

Phone, SMS, APP

From home you can vote in different ways: through Telephone Call 894.222 from a landline only and enter the singer identification code sent during the evening (cost €0.51).

by short message: This can only be done from mobile phone lines by sending a text message to the number 475.475.0 containing the artist identification number (cost 0.50 or 0.51 €).

Through a programBy downloading the official Eurovision Sogn Contest application, available for both iOS and Android, it will be possible to express your preferences to various artists, and also receive an exclusive thank you letter.

Procedure in case of tie

In the event of a tie for the first and other positions after all points have been declared, there is a tie-breaking procedure. The current rule states that if two or more countries are tied for first place and the other places, the song with the most points from the countries is the winner. If there is a tie in this case, the rule requires that the country with the twelve points wins several times. If the two countries continue to tie, they continue with ten points, eight points, and so on.

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