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The wheat crisis and the upcoming talks between Turkey and Russia: Preparations are underway for the Istanbul summit between Moscow and Kiev


He is now single general packing one to solve Ukrainian grain crisis Which could bring the countries most dependent on the country’s commodity to its knees Volodymyr Zelensky squirt me the prices of food products. But the situation may soon be lifted, given that in the coming days there will be talks between turkey and the Russia To complete the summit scheduled for next week a Istanbul in which He flies And the Kyiv Will meet with mediation Ankara Based on United nations.

First affirmations come from Kremlin which for the time being limited to formalizing talks with a state Recep Tayyip Erdogan to create sea ​​lanes For Ukrainian wheat exports, although there are Russian President Vladimir Putin. A meeting that should also be preparatory in view of next week in Istanbul, where representatives of Russia and Ukraine, in cooperation with Turkey and the United Nations, will meet, according to the Turkish daily. Milliet Which cites sources from Erdogan’s presidency. The ceremony is expected to be attended by the Turkish President and the Secretary-General of the United Nations. Antonio GuterresWith the aim of opening the ports “within a month”. Meanwhile, one has been created emergency communication line Between the defense ministries of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey to discuss the management of sea lanes. The representatives who will run this channel will be selected from among the ranks involved Armed forces at the level of generals.

But lifting the embargo requires close military coordination between the two parties. This is the reason for the arrival of a high-ranking delegation in the Turkish army to Moscow, in order to reach an agreement on the mechanism of transporting goods by sea, which I knew that Turkey would supervise. According to sources, Ankara has prepared one road map To open “35-40 million tons of wheat that must be sent to world markets through the Strait Bosphorus and the gods Dardanelles In the next 6-8 months.”

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However, Turkey’s action was not only limited to the two countries directly involved in the conflict, but also extended to the countries supporting Kyiv. Such as Great Britain. It is not surprising that Erdogan gave an interview to him Boris Johnson During which he stressed the need to find a solution to transport grain from Ukraine. commitment London Confirmed by the fact that the Secretary of State, les trussto Ankara tomorrow to discuss how to remove stuck wheat in particular in Odessa port.

The same Mario DraghiDuring his speech to the Senate, he addressed the topic explaining that the “ongoing conflict” had caused a “humanitarian crisis of extraordinary magnitude, grain supplies to the poorest countries at risk” and that Ukrainian ports were blocking “a million tons of previous harvest.”


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