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the weather. More than 30 degrees Celsius on the Arctic Circle, and only 24 degrees Celsius on New Delhi «3B Meteo

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It is much warmer in the Arctic Circle than in India
It is much warmer in the Arctic Circle than in India

The heat wave continues in Russia Temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius on the border with the Arctic Circle. In Nizhnyaya it weighs 67.75 degrees north latitude and reaches 30.5 degrees centigrade. Record the temperature on Arcangelo as the thermometer has reached 32 ° C. Up to 35 ° C in Tikhvin. These are unusual values ​​for the period up to 15-20 ° C above average. Heatwave will continue in the coming days in most parts of central and northern Russia due to mass rotation that reduces temperatures below average in Europe.

The same anomaly occurs, but with the opposite sign, in India Because of the passage of Hurricane Tautkae, one of the strongest hurricanes in the Arabian Sea. New Delhi, in the rain, has reached a maximum of 24 ° C only when it should normally reach 40 ° C in this period. (Source Ogimet). According to climate scientist Max Herrera, you don’t happen to see these situations often in May.

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