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This discovery will take man to space to a new reality, technology


According to Discovery, the competition is open to “individuals” (Image: Disclosure / NASA)

Discovery Channel will present a new reality show in 2022. The difference is that it will be recorded … in space! “Who Wants to Be an Astronaut?” You will receive eight rings and competitors will be able to participate in the Axiom Space commercial mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Information from Olhar Digital.

The reality show winner will join the crew of the AX-2. According to Discovery, the competition is open to “individuals.” The registration form is now available (click here), But only to citizens or residents of the United States. In addition to filling out, you need to send a short video, 30 to 60 seconds.

“What does it take to win a desirable place in space? It will be arduous and only a select few will undergo a rigorous selection process,” the statement describes the selection process. Contestants will pass several tests to test the attributes needed to be an astronaut.

Candidates will undergo training to qualify for the vacant position. “Ultimately, the lucky candidate, who is believed to have the right things by a panel of expert judges, will pave his way for an adventure that little has done,” the statement added.

Only US citizens or residents will be able to participate. (Image: Detection / Discovery)

It has not been decided which vehicle will be used in the AX-2 mission, but it is believed that the Axiom will use a spacecraft from SpaceX, the company of billionaire Elon Musk. What is known is that the series will also feature a kickoff for the homecoming.

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NASA and Axiom Space announced the mission’s previous mission, AX-1, in early May at a press conference. The journey will take four people to reach the International Space Station. The US space agency received $ 1.69 million to house the payers, not counting the supplies for transport services.


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