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An interstellar fireball "Grazer Earth" was spotted in the sky of Brazil » Science News

An interstellar fireball “Grazer Earth” was spotted in the sky of Brazil » Science News

The object “bounced” in the atmosphere back into space.

The Earth Grazer, which crossed the skies over Brazil on May 30, may be an object of interstellar origin. The meteor was recorded at 23:02 (Brazilian time) in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and was fromHeller and Young Observatory, in Takoara, And from TBT1 to Tangará, Santa Catarina. “Earth Grazer” fireballs are meteors that scrape the Earth’s atmosphere and cover large distances in the upper layers, then return to space. In an analysis conducted by the Brazilian Meteorological Monitoring Network (BRAMON), it was proved that this type of meteorite does not shine like the classical objects that disintegrate before they reach Earth.

According to the report, the meteor began to glow 162.7 kilometers south of Cabao Compredo, in Rio Grande do Sul, and traveled a distance 243.6 kilometers in 3.8 seconds Before disappearing east of Carlos Barbosa. According to the preliminary results of the analysis, the high speed reached by the car indicates how this phenomenon could be caused by a interstellar meteorite. In fact, high-speed meteors can arise in comets at the far fringes of the solar system or even beyond. If so, recorded on May 30, it would be the first interstellar meteorite recorded by BRAMON.


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