Sunday, July 21, 2024

The Permanent Working Table Agreement was signed


Let’s listen to Marco Gatti, Mirco Batazza and Marina Urbinati.

objective: Containing the effects of the cost of living and encouraging consumption in the region. The first impulse is a result of coordination, andIncrease SMAK discounts on the food sector from 2% to 3% Until January 2024, it is paid by the state 200 thousand euros. “It’s just the beginning of the journey – they declare Secretary of State for Finance and Trade – Which can be implemented in the intentions of the parties Standing anti-inflation workbench“.found the arena on sign the agreement Which creates it, net Different sensitivities It came up during the discussion.

The campaign he promoted Governmentthe Asdico, Ucs and Consumer Helpdesk Who prompted the interventions, and USC and Osla Trade AssociationsIt starts with the blue and white label on products and the label inside and outside participating stores. In addition to the Smac discount, companies are “committed to offering a Selection of items, especially for daily use, that belong to the “Shopping Cart”, at affordable prices” It is banned until December 31. No other discounts are applied at this stage On the products, “but the campaign – as the government emphasizes – is not constant, and it will be possible to identify them gradually Additional protocols”. Among the initiatives that will be worked on are: The food bank. The commitment is to meet again within a month. “We are very satisfied – The Secretary of State in charge of Finance says, Marco GattiBecause it is clear that keeping everyone at the table is not easy, there are conflicting interests, but there is a common will to help our citizens in a moment of inflation that remains out of control. We have come to where we have done our part as a country, as well as all the policies and campaigns that operators will implement. There is a commitment to continue this joint work, so there will be further meetings in the next few days to build “San Marino Baskets”.

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It is right to start with the basic necessities – Asdeko points out – “Food prices have never been higher before, affecting the family budget.” He emphasizes that we will always urge, with complete independence Mirko Batazza “So that businesses do their best to allow citizens to benefit from the existing synergies.” He adds: “All consumer associations have been pushing for the food and inflation issue to be understood as a very important issue that must be addressed urgently. We have finally been able to motivate, thanks to the security and availability of categories, “this table that gives legs to a very long mission aimed at reducing bags. We are very focused on this.”

“We want to give meaning to this table, so that we do not continue with chatter but with concrete facts,” he agrees Marina Urbinati Usc, which thanks wide distribution for the sensitivity shown towards consumers. “There are often tables that don’t serve much purpose-He claims- They are in words, not in actions. Today we have every intention and will to hold a working table on the new proposals, that is, those that are under implementation. “Something was started and not finished, so there is a desire on our part to make it grow.”

The video features interviews with Marco Gatti, Secretary of State for Finance and Budget; Mirko Bataza, Asdeco; Marina Urbinati, director.


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