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The obsession told by a former Trump adviser


put it in He’s not Superman,” on the contrary. The image of the Caesar that comes out of the bookThere is nothing for you here from Fiona Hill He dismantles the image of the strong, indestructible, always cold and self-confident man, who appears shirtless on the calendars. The Kremlin scientist who was director of Europe and countries Russia In the Trump administration’s National Security Council, an adviser in the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations, he describes an obsessive, constantly guarded, insecure, and resentful Putin who lives obsessed with his security. The Tsar is always isolated, fears for his life, and lives in his “mad bubble” of secrets and mistrust. From contact lenses (which he hides) to back problems, this is the real face of the Kremlin leader.

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lunch and paper

Putin is « germ’,” the 56-year-old writes in her book. Hill said that she was so attentive to what he was eating that she had the opportunity to be with him at the table at a lunch, where Putin was careful not to drink even a sip of water. Poisoning some of his opponents with a solution polonium straight into the tea,” Hill commented. “On that occasion also I noticed how he was in front of him sheet of paper With notes printed in unusually large letters, recalls the former Trump adviser, who then revealed another secret to the Tsar: “Putin wears contact lenses, but he does not want to know this, perhaps because he is afraid to convey that feeling of vulnerability to public opinion.”

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the disease

Rumors spread about Putin’s alleged illness by Hill herself: “He does not look well, his face is somewhat swollen. We know that he complained about having back problems. It may take a high position Steroids Dosages, or there may be something else. He may feel that time is running out – after 22 years, he is in charge, and the chance after this kind of time is very slim that a Russian leader will go voluntarily or through elections. The only other person who has been a Russian leader in modern times longer than Putin is Stalin, and Stalin died in office.”

It will be precisely the few reliable people living around the tsar who present a potential danger in the event of Russia’s defeat in Ukraine: “These are not the kind of people who have yachts in Monaco or palaces in Paris or anything like that. They are rooted in Russia itself and I don’t think they are too worried about sanctions, because they are not tied to the West. For them Russia is the fortress ».

by Alessandro Strabioli

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