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The new app that helps with math homework and more can be found on the Play Store

The new app that helps with math homework and more can be found on the Play Store

A new app has arrived that can help solve mathematical problems. It is already available on the Play Store.

Raise your hand if during your school days you didn't dream of having something more than just a calculator at your disposal. Who doesn't want to? A tool that can help us solve mathematical problemsEspecially the ones that made our heads spin?

The application will help us solve mathematical problems: here's how it works –

Could something like this be missing in the world of apps? No, in fact it is coming An application that can help us solve mathematics problems. As often happens, Google took care of it: toThe new app is available on the Play Store.

Let's try to understand how Google Maths works and how to install the tool that helps you learn mathematics. like A kind of “digital study companion” From primary school to university.

The app that helps with math homework can be found on the Play Store

The application is able to help solve mathematics problems It's called Photomath. It was initially launched in 2014 (for Windows Phone and iOS) as a free app to help solve math problems. It was later purchased by Google.

Photomath was already on the Play Store, and ended up in the crosshairs of Big G who had long ago started taking an interest in apps of this type. First, Socratic was acquired by the Mountain View giant (then abandoned, to the point where it hasn't been updated since 2020) and finally In 2022, it announced that it had also purchased Photomath. But how does Google's math problems app work?

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The new application will help solve mathematical problems –

The process is very simple. After installing it on Android or iOS, that will be enough Frame an equation with your phone's camera Press the shutter button to select the button that allows you to access the caption. Basically the app It will show not only the solution but also the process to be followed Step by step to reach the right result.

Photomath covers a wide range of mathematical problems:

  • Elementary mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Engineering
  • Calculation
  • trigonometry
  • statistics

More complex integrals, such as curve integrals, are not yet supported. The application is completely free Once downloaded, it works perfectly even without an internet connection. However, there is also a Plus version De photomath It costs €5.99 per month, €49.99 for 6 months or €59.99 per year (€5 per month). It offers “textbook solutions,” animated tutorials, and more in-depth explanations.