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How is Pope Benedict Ratzinger: health conditions

How is Pope Benedict Ratzinger: health conditions

How is Pope Ratzinger: the state of health of Benedict XVI and what ailment he suffers from

While the religious world lives worries Health of Pope Francis, who suffers from severe knee pain and said that he had prepared a letter of resignation in case he could not continue his pontificate due to an aggravation of the disease, the thought also goes to another pope who has already submitted his resignation: we are obviously talking about Pope Ratzinger, formerly known as Benedict XVI. The idea of ​​the Pope Emeritus’s health comes from Bergoglio, who spread the news about his health conditions. Pope Francis revealed at the conclusion of the general audience in the Vatican that Ratzinger is seriously ill and called on the faithful to pray for him. Benedict 16, who after his resignation became Pope Emeritus, is 95 years old and according to the words of the Holy Father, he is said to be suffering from his health conditions, which have worsened a lot in recent times. At the end of the public audience, Pope Francis himself went to see his predecessor to comfort him at this difficult moment.

When asked about Pope Ratzinger’s performance, said Matteo Bruni, director Vatican Press Office, who told reporters present for an audience in the Vatican that the pope’s health conditions had worsened due to advancing age but that he was still under constant medical observation and his condition, at least for the time being, remained under control. These, then, are the health conditions of Pope Benedict XVI, who in recent days is fighting disease in a more ferocious manner and for whom Pope Francis has asked for the support of all his followers. The latest news about Josef Ratzinger’s health conditions also speaks of respiratory problems that were already serious since before the Christmas holidays.

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Pope Ratzinger: The Disease of Benedict XVI

But what disease does Pope Ratzinger fight against? In fact, his clinical picture is shrouded in mystery. The difficult health conditions of Pope Emeritus Benedict were reported some time ago by his official biographer, Peter Seewald, who recounted how the previous pope suffered from a serious facial infection that also caused him communication difficulties. The history of this disease dates back to 2020, but it is not clear whether the evil that befalls Pope Benedict 16 these days is still like this. At the time, the German looked visibly exhausted, his face swollen and sore, but now the former pope had not been seen in public for some time. Today, Pope Ratzinger Benedict is 95 years old and, most likely, bears the burden of time and age. Both Pope Francis and the Vatican press office spoke only in general terms of deteriorating health conditions, without going into detail about the illness that afflicted the emeritus pope. Therefore, it is not known exactly what disease Pope Ratzinger suffers from, perhaps it has to do with a series of ailments linked to his very advanced age: it is certain that at present his health causes many concerns in the religious world and beyond. .