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The final ultimatum to the Russians in Konotop: "Give up or we'll burn you to the ground."  Mayor: "Fav** let's fight."  Towards the agreement - video

The final ultimatum to the Russians in Konotop: “Give up or we’ll burn you to the ground.” Mayor: “Fav** let’s fight.” Towards the agreement – video

When the ultimatum expires, an agreement will be reached between the local Konotop administration and Russian forces. This was confirmed to CNN by the head of the regional military administration, Dmytro Zyvitsky: “The conversation with the Russians lasted about 12 minutes. There will be no change in government. Russians are interested in public order. There will be no troop movement. The Ukrainian flag is in place.” Moscow has not yet confirmed the agreement. This morning, March 2, the Russian army issued an ultimatum to the citizens of Konotop in northern Ukraine: “Surface or we will destroy you with artillery.” To restore Russian order, it was the mayor of the city, Artem Semenikhin, who gave an impromptu speech with his fellow citizens, Ukrainian media reported, citing the Telegram channel. Konotop LiveHe said: The Russians came to us and told me to put the city under their control. I answered him: “Damn you! You are the occupiers!” And they: “We are not occupiers. We have a special operation ””. However, the mayor immediately made it clear that he did not intend to give in to the ultimatum, which the Russians were to set for 13 years, Italian time: “I I will fight: let us take up arms and fight. But the decision must be taken by all of us, because the artillery is directed at us.”

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