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The European Model: Cold in the East and Atlantic Troubles Go Hand in Hand?

The European Model: Cold in the East and Atlantic Troubles Go Hand in Hand?

Severe unseasonal heat waves and endless anticyclones seem to be a thing of the past in Europe. The Atlantic currents have regained control of the situation for at least three weeks, and Italy also finds good harmony with the rain, albeit sometimes in a very violent way. There is little rain missing in the northwest, which remains the Italian region least affected by the turbulence compared to the rest of the boot.

in the coming days, As we have already informed you in this articleWe will have other occasions of bad weather from north to south due to the ever-present Atlantic currents.

In the continuation of the month of December, and especially after the Immaculate Conception, it seems that a composition certainly suitable will take hold not only for the rains but also for the first cold waves of a wintry nature.

European model ECMWF Try to draw a very interesting trend see the infamous The union between the Atlantic currents and the glacial currents in the east. This combination will find a full outlet in central Europe thanks to a strong hurricane between Greenland and the eastern Atlantic.
The frigid air coming from the east will play a major role in the development of the vast depressions between the Atlantic Ocean and Central Europe, as well as over the northern Mediterranean.

This is precisely the case of cold and unstable trends towards northern Italy and the upper Tyrrhenian Sea, where in addition to precipitation in large quantities we will also have low temperatures and the first bouts of snow at lower altitudes. The weather will also be bad in the south, albeit with higher temperatures.

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European model trend ECMWF extension As confirmed by him Average scenariowhich frames forecasts at the most reliable moment. The reference period is December 9-12.
Of course, it’s too late with time, so new updates will be necessary to understand the exact order of barric shapes.