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The body was identified 50 years later

The body was identified 50 years later

for him The body was found 50 years ago in an Ontario river. But the woman’s identity remained obscured puzzle Even today. cold case Jewell “Lala” Lanford I’ve come to the end of the line: the Canadian police have, in fact, identified the body.

The story begins in 1975 when a woman’s family reported her missing after she left her hometown, Tennessee, for Montreal. On May 3 of that year her body was found in the River Nation but it was impossible to identify her: so it was named “Lady River Nation“.

However, over the years, the investigators’ work has not stopped – and thanks to new and sophisticated techniques based on genetic genealogy – they have been able to reconstruct the dynamics of Lala’s last day. It could have been the woman strangled with plastic wire. The killer had bound her hands and ankles with a tie and wrapped her face in a rag.

last year, for the killer81-year-old Rodney Nichols was arrested in Florida. It is not known what kind of relationship the victim and the killer had, it is only certain that they knew each other. The woman’s remains were returned to her family in March 2022.


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