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The best alternative apps that you don’t even need to download


Among the programs that are used daily by those who edit photos, there is obviously Adobe Photoshop but if you want one or more free and very lightweight alternatives, this is ideal.

The Adobe suite is among the most widespread professional tools for digital art in all its forms on the planet. But, at the same time, development teams of all kinds have been searching for years and often find it Alternatives to these programs Which are now included within a subscription similar to that of Netflix or Amazon Prime but with much less entertainment included.

Edit your photos and create content with these free Photoshop alternatives – Computer-Idea.it

Among the programs that come, for example Used to edit imagesFor professional photo editing and digital negative development, there is Darktable that competes with Lightroom on equal footing. But Photoshop, compared to Lightroom and therefore Darktable, has a whole series of additional features Tools that allow technical modification from pictures.

In this case too, there are alternatives to Photoshop, four of which we present They don’t even need to be downloaded Therefore, it does not occupy memory space.

Free online alternatives to Photoshop

Having a good photo editing software has become a necessity not only for photographers but, for example, for all those who deal with content creation. It is possible to edit photos and videos within social media apps but the degree of freedom and precision of the edits you can achieve within TikTok, Instagram or Facebook is certainly limited.

Is a program like Photoshop worthless? It exists, in fact there are four of them! – Computer-Idea.it

That’s why there are still many content creators who turn to them Solutions outside social media Then upload what they’ve created. If you find yourself needing to make quick edits and you don’t have a computer available, or for some reason you can’t download photos from your smartphone to a computer to work on them, you can run one of these programs Four sites Which hosts many valid alternatives to Photoshop. One of the most used is Unconventional. It is a tool with which images can be edited, cropped, corrected and converted to be ready for social media or print. The free version has all the basic tools but obviously if you want a more complete experience, you should upgrade to the Pro version.

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Another site, which actually It’s like Canva, is a PIXLR that allows you to have a full series of tools, filters and effects available not only for photos but also for videos. As with Befunky, PIXLR also consists of a free version but is then divided into three paid versions that unlock different features. It is also worth noting Photoopia It’s perfect if you have to give up Photoshop, because the subscription is probably too expensive, and you don’t want to learn new things. The layout of the menus and how they work is almost identical to the original Adobe design. Finally we would like to mention Fotor. Like PIXLR too Fotor allows you to create images With the help of a whole series of tools and also artificial intelligence, just like PIXLR and Befunky, there are free options and paid options.


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