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Tax deduction for one category: advertising


There is excellent news about tax reform and tax cuts That the government decided during the recent Cabinet meetings. Indeed, it was possible to listen to the requests proposed by the trade unions. was to announce it Andrea OrlandoMinister of Labour.

In Radio 24 let him know that 8 billion euros The state-allocated tax relief will go largely to workers, as required by CGIL, CISL and UIL.

Tax cuts for workers, later only for businesses

Despite the suffering of the business world, which has been brought to its knees by the pandemic, the focus will be on those who work and those who are lost purchasing powerEspecially in the last year and a half because of the closures and the state of emergency.

Andrea Orlando said that if money remains after investing €8 billion to cut workers’ taxes, they may benefit from new perks. Small and medium companiesthat suffered more than adults.

Summits between government and unions: reforms on the table

The comparison with executive branch abbreviations is therefore drawn to “right wayOn what was confirmed by the Minister after the meeting with the trade unions at Chigi Palace, which witnessed points the basic From the schedule that will open in November.

It will be the will to move forward with one Reshape structural system, to overcome “distractions” and to address important issues in the subject of work. Three critical issues to be addressed, as already anticipated with interventions The 2022 exercise we talked about here.

  • How to enter an item Flexibility.
  • How to submit a file Youth Guarantee.
  • How to take into account the difference and intensity of work.
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Minimum wage: What the Minister of Labor said

The minister explained that Ali a wage minimum “There are different ideas,” but a decision has yet to be made to deal with the collapse in the purchasing power of Italian citizens.

If nothing has been released to that effect, it still needs to be reviewed Bargaining rules. Andrea Orlando predicted that if contracts remained the same with existing contracts, minimum wages would automatically become a major option.

The serious crisis that has affected the purchasing power of the workers is not only a problem for them, but can have strong repercussions on the purchasing power of the workers. local order, and thus the entire production chain.

To better understand the root of the problem and the reason for these interventions, here Here we look at the mockery of double taxation for Italian workers Here are the countries where the minimum wage is a reality.


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