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Stellantis, a super line in Melfi with four electric cars by 2024

Stellantis, a super line in Melfi with four electric cars by 2024

Lammy’s project is emerging with a single super-line of four mid-size electric cars by 2024 with a maximum plant capacity of between 370 and 400,000 cars per year. I learned from sources close to the company after meeting in the Miz with trade unions, Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti and Labor Andrea Orlando.

“Today’s meeting at the Ministry of Economic Development was a strong positive sign of the commitment of Stellantis in Italy, with the more constructive cooperation we have started long ago with the Ministry of Economic Development and with all the trade union organizations it works with,” a company spokesperson said at the end of the meeting in Mezzi. My League.” Stellantis – continues – is working with determination and speed to anticipate and support the energy transition of all of its Italian industrial sites with the aim of ensuring sustainability by improving performance and making the country play a strategic role among the major markets for European domestic workers. The company greatly appreciates the continuation of this fruitful and constructive dialogue with the aim of building conditions with all social partners to ensure a bright and competitive future for Stellantis and all its employees.”

“The first positive step in which we have shown signs of wanting to make a major investment in my portfolio, we look forward to learning more aspects of this strategy,” Labor Secretary Andrea Orlando said at the end of the meeting. “As government, it has given us maximum readiness for the challenge that Stylantis intends to launch in the transition. There have been some positive indications in the positive climate. Of course this is a process that must continue to understand the implications of these choices,” concluded Orlando.

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“The commitment of the government and the company is positive because this is only the first meeting to address the issue of Stellantis with all that it means: relocation, induced activities, factories and employment. Now it is about holding other meetings to achieve this,” said Fiom Secretary General Francesca Re David. It is positive that the company foresaw a piece of the industrial plan that includes electricity, four new models, and battery assembly, while it is complex and what it means to make the two lines super must be evaluated, because from our point of view, this process cannot affect the wages of labor or the wages of the workers,” King David concluded.

The President of Basilicata said: “The words of the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti, about the future of the Mellie plant are really comforting, as they offer a fresh perspective on a plant that is important to Basilicata and to the country. District, Vito Bardi. “We now expect that the process started today – adds Governor Lucan – can be rejected starting with the third European plant of the battery pack: I hope you will see the light in my file, since the Lucanian plant should become the headquarters of the electric platform Stellantis. In this sense I will engage all the energies of Basilicata area’.