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Stefano Pioli is in love with Ibrahimovic

Stefano Pioli is in love with Ibrahimovic

The A demon Overcomes the obstacle Benevento Thanks to goals from Hakan Kalhanoglu e Theo Hernandez, Continues her race to qualification in Champions League, Which was more than certain just a few weeks ago. Action Bioli In a year and a half Milan Unusual, he leads a team in disarray to compete for the championship for large parts of the season.

By the way, it was from 2012/13 that Milan He has not scored at least 69 points in one season League (72 on that occasion but at the end of the tournament) This testifies to the previous work of Lazio and Inter. Into microphones DazenAnd the Bioli Comments on success 2-0:

“Without a team spirit you cannot go anywhere, let alone we are strong but we are not strong enough to allow us to continue without it. The last situations punished us, tonight I saw good positions.”

Then Bioli Pass to praise Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Reality a sample e Guide From the team he always depends on to the maximum to achieve the result. This match was a milestone for Ibra Cadbra: The Benevento It is, in fact, the 100th team to have played in the five major European leagues since then Zlatan Ibrahimovic. No one has played against different competitors in the 2000s (100 rounds also for Gabriel Haynes):

“We are talking about a champion, who also increases the value of the team, the value of his teammates and not being there for a long time may punish us. Today’s match was tough, we suffered two defeats on a mental level but it is normal that it is. […] Not giving reference points to the opponent’s defense is an advantage. Then Zlatan He has advanced football intelligence, he likes to be an attacking manager and this solution gives us advantages. “

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There is no doubt that one of the winners of today’s match is Turkey No. 10 Hakan KalhanogluWho opened the scoring in the sixth minute of the first half. Among other things, after 5 minutes 36 seconds, he scored a goal Kalhanoglu It is the fastest in the game for Milan at League In 2021. Trough He is one of the great champions of the season, but he is going through a period of slight decline, perhaps influenced in some way by the negotiations for the renewal of the contract, but despite everything he remains really central to the project .:

It has not yet reached its fullest potential. He is a player that I love very much, because he combines quality and generosity. He has to find a little accuracy in passing, but he is a player who finds this realization that may not have helped him in the past to reach his fullest potential. “

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