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Stadio con pista di atletica

The best Italian athletes are competing in Molfa for the national title over a distance of 10,000 meters

Today four tricolor jerseys have been allocated, the first on the circuit of the outdoor season: in Molfetta, it competed in the absolute and promising Italian championships over a distance of 10,000 meters, at the new facility named after Mario Saverio Causole, which has already become home to the start of the tricolor winter season in a month. February. Since it is impossible to watch the races on the track due to anti-Covid rules, the event will be broadcast by TeleRegione on Facebook Live and on Channel 14 of Digital Earth.

Competing for titles will be some of the best specialists in this distance, and after the victory of Campi Bicencio (in the spin) Elias Aouani (Atl. Casone Noceto) goes in search of new success. The Lombards top the seasonal lists of 10,000 thanks to the impressive 27: 52.98 obtained in Rubira on April 18th and is without a doubt the man who won the tricolor review. After improving for more than 30 seconds, the 25-year-old who graduated in engineering in the US is targeting new advances throughout the season and in the meantime aiming to appear tri-color after a month and a half. His victory at the Festival of the Cross.

Among the most anticipated Sunday is also Pietro Riva (Viam Oro), who finished fourth in the final edition of Vittorio Veneto after dominating the long-distance race and returning to play last weekend in France, in Morton, on Route 5 Kilometers, wrapped up with personal best from 13:50 last Saturday in France also Samuel Denny (Fiam Giali) received reassuring answers, another possible champion of Molvita, who fell to 29:08 in the 10 km road, after second place in Campi Bicencio a short cross .

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The cast also consisted of Cesar Maestre (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe) and Neka Crippa (Army) respectively in second and third place in the last Mujalonga sul Mar (10 km), by marathon runner 2h10: 10 Yassin Fatthawi (Circolo Minerva Parma), And with a big representation from Casone Noceto, who won the championship of the Cross: in addition to Aouani, two-time Italian champion of 10,000 Ahmed of the Mazurian, Italo Quazula, Alberto Mondazi (13: 48.86 in 5000 in Milan) last Saturday) and others with good performances such as Nvamara Ngi and Francesco Agostini increased And Badr al-Jaafari. For FC Parma also the best under 23 title cards, in particular with the Vice-Champion of Italy in the office of Pascual Silvarolo.

In Women, the title fight includes two players who appeared in cross season such as Rebecca Lonido (Atl. Vicentina, third in Tricolori di Campi Bicenzio) and Giovanna Silva (Project Sport Vico, 15: 59.00 on Saturday at 5000 in the Arena di Milan), under 23 Of the tricolor Gaia Colli (Atl. Valle Brembana) also competing for the overall title, Air Force duo Sarah Progiato (2h34:24 at Siena Ambognano Marathon) and Martina Merlo, the last tricolor at the hedges in Modena last October, Sardinia Raymonda Nido (Cagliari) Atl.) Among the promises is Anna Arnault (Battaglio Cos Torino).