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"Space Nature", the great event targeting the stars is still going on

“Space Nature”, the great event targeting the stars is still going on

The municipality of Taverna, within the Sila Science Park and the FATA Museum, will host the great event “Exploration of Heavenly Space. La natura dello Spazio” to be held in May and August with several initiatives planned. This event was organized by Natura Pura Srl and funded by the Calabria region.

The initiative kicked off today, at my Season Hall in Catanzaro, with the first of the scheduled events: “The Race for the Moon, from the 1960s to today”. The meeting, moderated by journalist Nico de Luca, saw the writer’s participation Renato Cantorformer deputy director of the regional newspaper RAI, and flight engineer, Marcelo Spagnolo. Some of De Nobili’s high school classes had the opportunity to speak with Cantor about the essay “From the Earth to the Moon” and with Spagnolo about the volume “The Geopolitics of Space Exploration”. The Challenge of Icarus in the third millennium.” The Mayor of Taverna, Sebastiano Tarantino, also participated in the event.

There are many things that are intriguing to children, especially the many connections between the scientific and human worlds; Minerva mission (in progress) by astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti; The legacy of scientific discoveries and the weight that Italy, Russia or America had in the history of space exploration, especially in the personality of the engineer Rocco Petron, as he tells in his book Cantor.

Rendezvous with Spazio Celeste on May 14, 11 a.m., in my season, focusing on the Galileo Revolution. Among the guests is Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa, curator of the replica exhibition held in Padua and director of the Palais Madama in Turin.

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