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"The pains so intense, I can't speak...": Nino Frasica was devastated.  |  Health Problem - Democrat

“The pains so intense, I can’t speak…”: Nino Frasica was devastated. | Health Problem – Democrat

Nino Frasica and the severe health problem that affected his life. He said it all in the course of the interview

There are not many actors who have managed to achieve the success conquered by an icon like Nino Frasica. The world of Italian comedy has had many important actors throughout history, yet the audience has become very fond of a man who has shown his big heart many times in front of the cameras or on stage, as well as behind the scenes. away from prying eyes.

Nino Frasica (web source)

To list all the films in which Frassica has appeared here would really be reductive, and certainly would not honor a career that has seen very significant peaks of fame in our country. Without considering, then, the fact that Nino (born in Antonino Frasica) has also been appreciated in various entertainment-related contexts. And so it is not only a world Cinema, but also television where there were many programs that considered Frassica as the protagonist of the novel. Then the theater world too, another fact in which Nino collected a lot of satisfaction.

When did you choose to become a comedian? I didn’t choose’, the words of Nino who told part of his past on the mics of Vanity Fair. “Like all the kids who didn’t want to work, I too wanted to put on the show,” the actor added again. “Fortunately, I soon found out that on my father’s side, we All are good, Katzari. I began to perform in bars: I was talking nonsense, and in the end, I did something, ”the very categorical words of Antonino.

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Nino Frasica, revealed the health problem in public

Nino Frasica
Nino Frasica (web source)

Ninoz, as mentioned, had a life full of contentment, which made him a man beloved by the public. However, they also had health issues A profession was also in danger by Frassica. The actor told a very special episode on the “Ok Salute” gateway mics.

“I had just set my feet on stage, when a tummy ache came in. My teeth gritted, but I started to whiten. Severe pain, right there, in the abdomen, I can’t speak”Actor’s words. A very stressful moment saw him suffer and then had to run to the hospital.

“I find myself on a cot, Still in stage costumes,” Nino’s story. “Around me, shadows dressed in white, real doctors this time. They told me I just got out of gallbladder colic, due to gallstones,” the actor explained again, also revealing the identity of the problem.