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Space, NASA has reconstructed the deep song of the black hole – the sound


In recent days a Twitter profile NASA exoplanets The “noise” emitted by the black hole is involved in the center of the galaxy cluster Perseus (Abell 426). This account is run by the US space agency team responsible for finding new planets outside our solar system. there NASA he knew her black hole remix He explained: “The misunderstanding in that in space There is no sound at all due to the fact that most of the filesUniverse It is empty, and there is no way to allow sound waves to propagate. But the galaxy cluster It is made up of many Gas We picked up a sound. we’ve got Amplify it and mix it with other data to play a sound Black holeThe sound, which was first released last May, is the result of a discovery made in 2003. After More than 53 hours of monitoringNASA researchers realized that pressure waves emitted from the supermassive black hole located in the center of Abell 426, which led to the occurrence of ripples in the gas, which through the technology of “sonicationAnd by increasing the notes of tens and tens of octaves, they can be translated into human audible sounds.

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