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Mold: This is how the woman began to lose her memory, the expert speaks

Mold: This is how the woman began to lose her memory, the expert speaks

What happened to Amy Skelton in Australia is unbelievable. Alzheimer’s disease was only 37 years old due to an outbreak of mold in his home. The young woman mentioned that she suddenly started forgetting things and couldn’t remember her name anymore.

Mold: This is how the woman began to lose her memory, the expert speaks

After a series of specialist visits, she discovered that a fraction of the 25% of the population has a genetically and genetically vulnerable to mycotoxins, which means that exposure to mold activates a massive inflammatory response in them. body Which can cause memory loss, among other effects.

It all started when Amy and her husband moved into an apartment in Manly, Australia, in 2016. A fungus infection appeared while showering due to imperfections of a waterproofing that the woman had not noticed. But in the next two months after moving, she began to feel so tired, she developed chronic allergies, and then found herself weighing 10 kilos more “out of nowhere”. In the following months, Amy’s brain function also declined.

She was eventually referred to a neurologist who identified her with type III Alzheimer’s disease, also known as inhaled Alzheimer’s. The woman told the New York Post that she went shopping in an organized fashion with her Vespa but then forgot where she was standing, often with the keys left in the panel.

The most alarming symptom was when he forgot his name. It all started with a leak, and the discovery happened thanks to a construction biologist, who was called to estimate a problem in the garage below the couple’s home. Basically, water was dripping from the carpet and making its way into the bedroom and study.

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Once the rug was lifted, the couple realized the presence of black mold. But not only that: even the mattress was usurped with green mold. The woman at this point decided to leave the house immediately. After a while, she regained her health and no longer had any of the symptoms that were destroying her life.

So here’s the amazing episode of mold amnesia.