Saturday, July 20, 2024

“Soon you will break the stage.” The singer’s answer


Emma charged. This time the criticism comes to Weight. Yes, the weight of the singer. Not the weight of his voice in the Italian music scene, but the weight of his body. Yes, someone in 2023 decided to challenge an artist because of her weight. haterIt is clear.

Hater, as they say in today’s language. Someone who has a little salt in their pumpkin and doesn’t mind their own business, one might say, years ago. The suspension was dry and rocky. “Emma will rock the stage soon if this continues,” Instagram user Claudia wrote.

there The singer replied It didn’t take long for de Radio: “Good morning from the Middle Ages. As for Madame Claudia, I broke the stage for my weight. Remove social media from these people … A. You suck Claudia, she’s so disgusting.”

Impulsive and aggressive reaction. It could not be otherwise, given the vile attack that Emma Maroney suffered from this hate. See also the message in Claudia’s comment. A message that, as often happens on social networks, brings with it a sense of impunity on the part of those who write it and who do not take into account the respect of those who read it. For many even today, in the year 2023, It seems that social networks are free zones Where it can be said and done in the “real” world no one would be allowed to do and say.

Too bad – and many keyboard haters don’t think so – these messages can be read by many people. Maybe they are going through a hard time and they can see it as not a product of it Minds are clearly restlessBut as a fact. And that comment, left out of frustration or boredom, can turn into deadly pits on anonymous users. As Fabrizio Moro sang in a completely different vein, “Think before you shoot”.

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