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Snow on December 25th, just a suggestion? We tell you the whole truth about a white Christmas »

Weather: Snow on December 25th, is that just a suggestion? We tell you the whole truth about a white Christmas

white christmassnow on christmas? A dream for many children, but also for many adults. Even those who are not a fan of cold and snow will have to admit thatwhite christmas atmosphere It’s really something magic And that everyone should try at least once in their life. This is, of course, taking into account the inconvenience that snow cover can cause, especially for the movements of many people who also work (and above all) on December 25.
But it’s just a fictional suggestion or it actually happened in the past? Waiting to understand if there is an opportunity this year in some regions of Italy (so far, the possibilities do not decrease!), let’s go back The most important snowfall that marked December 25.

Let’s start by saying that on the weather front, snow on the plains between Efe and Santo Stefano was not very common in Italy. We must go back to Christmas 2000 For widespread snowfall in the northwest with 15-20 cm also Milan e Turin. In 1996, snow had visited the regions of the Adriatic, albeit somewhat later: between December 26 and 27Thanks to the entry of the Borian glacier winds, the snow fell profusely on the hills and also reached all the coasts and major cities such as Pescara and Bari.

Going back in time, another case of Christmas happened with cold and snow December 1986, when our peninsula experienced interruption of freezing air (-10 °C to 850 hPa) on Christmas Eve. Day 25, snow fell in Pescara, Campobasso and Potenza with about 20 cm of accumulation. Between Christmas and Santo Stefano, it also snows in Bari, Brindisi, Gioia del Colle, Lecce and Sardinia in Olbia and Cagliari.

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e Rome? Snowfall in the capital is an unlikely event in itself, and Christmas Day becomes more unique than rare. but in 1940 During Christmas Eve, in the capital’s frost mixed with rain and then more snowflakes on the 25th with an accumulation of 4 cm; A similar event also occurred in 1962 with a buildup of 4 cm on Boxing Day.

In short, as we have seen from a climatic and statistical point of view Snow events On Christmas Day they are very rare and we must bear in mind that over the past few decades average temperatures have certainly risen, due to the infamous Climate change. According to CNR-ISAC studies, average annual temperatures in Italy have grown by 1.7 °C in the past 150 years, but the most significant contribution to this increase has occurred in the past 50 years, with the increase being approximate. 1.4 °C. At first glance, just over 1°C may seem a little bit, but as we can see it makes a difference in a particular weather event and is always at the maximum like snow, especially at lower altitudes as the crust turns to water.

But let’s move on to the news! This year, snow can return to reappear in conjunction with Christmas holiday, although not easy. The latest update has already confirmed the risk of heavy snowfall Throughout the Alps and part of the Apennines North Central.
Great news especially for lovers of mountain and winter sports who will be able to taste the magic of a white christmas Immersed in the extraordinary nature that characterizes our mountains.

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