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This is how “space ropes” work to send payloads into space

First American startup successfully tested space slingshot From history: But what is usually called “space slingshot” is actually a file suborbital accelerator.

Essentially, the idea was born to allow you to send things from Earth into space, at a distinctly low cost. Because in these years marked by a race to the new conquest of space, anything becomes possible only by finding ways to cut costs: just as it happened space-X By designing the first rockets to return to Earth, they can be reused.
the SpinLunch An American startup funded by Hon $110 million from Airbus and Google – He did the same. Test his invention, taking advantage of simplicity Kinetic energy.
The first test was successful: a small bullet about three meters long, which reached several miles of altitude and then returned to the ground with a parachute. The idea, however, is to outfit the little lunch with a motor that will only work in the end.
Now, however, after demonstrating that the idea is valid and feasible, the goal is to do big things: to create a new – obviously bigger – platform that will allow more payloads to be sent into space per day, in order to weigh 200 kg eachAll in reusable capsules.

Cover photo is from .’s IG profile SpinLunch

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