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“See you do it for you…”

“See you do it for you…”

Zaragoza is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. But being in a desert area, it is also very hot. In an apartment building in the city of Aragon, there is a sign of complaint, which is comic at the same time. Someone saw his neighbor satisfying himself, but used a playful metaphor to describe the scene.

Like all southern European countries, the Spain It faces a very hot summer. In a period when the temperature extremes are getting more and more high due to climate change, there are days when the heat is oppressive. A Spanish city where the heat in the summer is unbearable in the truest sense of the word Zaragoza. The capital of Aragon is located in a desert area and summer temperatures range between 45 and 50 degrees.

Being a desert climate, temperatures are often cooler at night than in other cities in Spain, but the heat builds up during the day. make itself felt. There are also days when the wind doesn’t even blow and you find it cool, there are two ways: fan or air conditioner. Those with a fan also often need to keep windows open, to allow air to circulate, in the truest sense of the word. An unknown native of Zaragoza saw fit to open the windows on a hot August night to change the air in his room. However, when doing so, He saw the neighbor making himself a little happy Because – as we know – it induces sleep.

Spain, the neighbor sees you do it

Since talking about some topics in public may be inappropriate, the best alternative is to use them Metaphors or euphemisms. A family living on the fourth floor of an apartment building in Zaragoza couldn’t help but notice a man living across the street while intending to exercise. Solitary art. To avoid using strong words, the author of the sign used an objectively brilliant metaphor: “Playing the ukulele.” Here is an A4 sheet that makes Spain laugh:

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The hilarious sign written by a family for a lonely neighbor who loves art. Source: Liosdevecinos – Twitter

As often happens when translating, nuances are lost, which, as you know, are very important. We will try to translate it into Italian. Note that “tocar” in Spanish means both “to play” and “to touch.” – You can imagine what. In the passive voice (tocarse), it refers to the practice of onanism. “The neighbor on the fourth floor who plays the ukulele at night. Even if you have curtains, and the lights are on… You are showing your neighbors a not very pleasant sight. Please “practice” with the lights out, because it’s not a good idea to open the windows to get some fresh air and see yourself playing the ukulele. Hug, champ“. In Zaragoza, as in other Spanish cities, there are no nicknames for the bells for reasons of privacy. The letter was not signed, so it is not known exactly which of the neighbors wrote it.

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