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A ship sinks with cats on board, the sailor’s reaction is surprising

A ship sinks with cats on board, the sailor’s reaction is surprising

This ship is sinking, but everyone is aware that there is still someone on board. It concerns some cats, but the sailors’ reaction to them surprises everyone.

Sailor’s Gesture –

Ships are an indispensable means of handling outings to the open sea, which can be divided into cargo carriers or passenger carriers.

This is not exactly what we will see today, as we have a ship as the main object, but there are various problems on this ship. In this particular case, the local navy is playing a role in trying to understand the problem. But at the same time, they seem to be letting someone on board, namely some cats. The sailor has a surprise reaction to them, let’s figure out what it is.

This ship is sinking

The story is centered in Thailand, where a group of men meet to go out to sea, more precisely the Andaman Sea. Their ship is famous within the country, as it carries all the basic necessities from one part of the country to another. Through an area that can only be reached by sea, so it is a truly heroic gesture that these people make every day for their native land.

The vessel in question is Phamonsin Nava. After meeting at the pier, they head towards the ship anchored a little further. After they arrived, they all got up and started heading to the sea, but they don’t know that they will never go out to sea.

The ship is sinking –

Shortly after they left, they heard strange noises coming from inside the ship. The eight crew members take turns checking what’s wrong. Someone says that he can’t find anything, others talk about a leak. Ship master, he must drop anchor now and check what is going on. Not that he doesn’t trust the rest of the crew, but he’d rather see for himself. What he sees holding his breath, there is a small fire inside the ship caused by a leak.

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This causes the entire boat to fill with water, and within a short while the entire ship will sink. He immediately warns the rest of the crew, who don’t hesitate even one bit to contact the Navy.

They desperately need help. The Navy said it would come as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they try to get all the items they had to take across the country to safety, but in reality it’s all for nothing. Most of the objects placed in the last places of the ship, in the depths, are already full of water.

Fortunately for them, The Navy has just arrived, and their command of the ship today is Thai Navy Junior Officer Wichit Pokdelon, who immediately sets to work to save everyone. He steers his ship as close as possible to the men, at the same time throwing the lifeboats and ordering the men to dive into the sea and board it. In fact, they’ve almost reached their limit, their ship is slowly sinking, and the water has now reached the surface. But it’s not over yet.

There are still cats inside, and the sailor’s reaction surprises everyone

The eight men are finally safe on the lifeboats that were thrown overboard by the Navy ship. Officer Pukdeelon always remained on his ship with all his crew, watching the situation from above. He carries a camera, which serves him like binoculars, so that by zooming in he can see if they have 100% memorized everyone. The men’s ship is just listed on one side and then slowly descends into the depths of the Andaman Sea.

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Non-commissioned officer saves cats –

But the NCO sees with his camera that someone is still on board. This time not men, but he perfectly sees the heads of two or three cats. None of the men on board know of the existence of those cats, otherwise they would have been told. Now it is the junior officer’s duty to rescue them.

He takes his life jacket and dives into the sea, swims to the sinking ship and takes the cats one by one on his shoulder to save them all.

None of those present expected such a scene. The three cats are terrified, and meow in fear. After everyone is safe, they head back to the docks and the men are grateful for the help they were able to give them.

The three cats are still on the Navy ship, docked at the reserved dock in front of their facility. They take her inside and dry her, as much love as they can give. They’re still terrified, but they’re still okay, And now I’m the new marine mascot on Operations 491.