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Say goodbye to phone calls, no longer pay obnoxious expenses: just take money out of your pockets

Say goodbye to phone calls, no longer pay obnoxious expenses: just take money out of your pockets

Telepass –

Important news arrives for motorists, who can finally get rid of one of the many expenses incurred during the trip.

Owning a car, as we know, is very expensive. In addition to the money used to purchase the car, the owner will have to pay several other expenses to avoid incurring economic and legislative penalties. between Insurance, stamp duty and inspectionToday the annual costs of car maintenance are really high.

These can only increase if you travel a lot. Gasoline costs (It is always greater) and possible Corrosion of some parts of the machine (tyres, brakes and many others) further affect the drivers’ budget. However, if the route you take is long-term, there are additional expenses to cover. It’s about fees.

In fact, everyone has found themselves on Telepass at least once in their lifeWhere this tax is collected, which seems to be one of the taxes that Italians hate most. But from today you can say goodbye to this constant flow of money from your pockets. Here because.

A great joy for Italian motorists

To make your life easier during the trip there is one UnipolMove. that it An electronic collection device created by UnipolWhich entered into operation from 2022.

this, Once installed in the vehicle, it allows it to be recognized as arriving in front of barrierswhich will automatically rise after they recognize it, By deducting the cost of tolls from the driver’s current account. This way you will waste much less time at toll booths, Avoid paying tax out of pocketand endless long lines of vehicles in front of you.

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A long line of cars stopped at Telepass-

An offer that allows you to save a lot

In fact, by subscribing to UnipolMove you can get a free month of using this deviceIn addition to many other benefits. In fact it would be possible Also skip the queue at the highway toll booth.

Activation and delivery are free, and there is currently an important offer that you will not miss. It costs just €1 per month for one device (Which, as we mentioned, comes with another free month), and to add a second you can only pay half, i.e. 0.50 cents. So take advantage of this offer to incur less expenses and switch to Telepass more quickly.