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Retired NASA’s Old Truck (Strofan), Who Will Provide the New Vehicle? [video e candidature] – News


It seems that NASA has recently moved on to get a new space truck of the “best” or rather, a worthy and modern truck that will move with a lot of spectators around the world, that group of people who will then take the road to space.

There is no mention of interest in SpaceX missions, obviously those with Tesla (Model X) to serve as shuttle buses with super scenography, but A classic truck to use in new Artemis missions towards the moon.

They should be there eight people, on the Earth shuttle toward space launch in the 1920s: four crew members, a technician, a flight officer, an agent and, of course, the driver.

The route is only about 14 kilometres, requiring nothing on paper, such as adequate space and super efficient air conditioning systems (see heat in suits) but it is essential to give NASA and everyone a good heir, from the last Astrofan dated 1983. (Shuttle missions, US Usually).

Supplier Wanted (Application Link)

The latest lovable vehicle to take astronauts soaring into the sky, was based on Classico Camper Airstream They are shown in detail in this video on Great symbolic value, timeless and in fact: it is even desired by the new spatial generations, it seems. It is no coincidence that it has always been in vogue in the imagination, and NASA is looking for suitable suppliers, only to be broken into by the supply competition.

Applications are open to good mechanics who wish to supply NASA with the vehicle, until the end of October 2021. It is at this link Methods and technical requirements for participation To the specification, in case someone from Bel Paese is interested ( while the reference point of contact for interpretations is Tiffany Fairley at Kennedy Space Center, FL 32899 (321-867- 2468 Tiffany. [email protected]).

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