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Rossella Brescia, What Happened After Amici and Disease: Today seems like another

It is impossible not to remember Rossella Brescia and the dance lessons she gave Amici di Maria de Filippi. Charm and talent made the audience associated with the brunette dancer at the Canale Cinque School. But what are you doing today and how have you become?

Rossella Brescia – Ultra Nuticia

Those who followed the talent into the 2000s cannot fail to admire Rossella’s dance in Friends School And above all to teach aspiring dancers impeccable technique. Her performance was amazing in how beautiful and good she was. But What are you doing today? Dancers’ careers are ending early and we wanted to deepen them. This is what the former Channel 5 dance teacher looks like now

Rossella Brescia, as a former teacher of Amici’s disease

Originally from Taranto, Rosella Brescia She is one of the most famous dancers in Italy. Thanks to her charm, the beautiful Rossella made her debut in the 90s, as well as on stage, also on television using beauty contests as a springboard and winning. Miss Smile Polya.

So share on TV Everyone at home, with Bebo Bodo Issam Happy sunday. Meanwhile, she graduated in classical and modern dance inNational Academy of Dance in Rome.

Maria de Filippi wanted her in 2001 to be a teacher for the students of the Amici School and remained in talent until 2003. Thanks to her strong discipline and timeless passion for dance, in those years she was able to pass on her skill and love for dancing. dance.

Then she became the host of colorNS And she remained on the popular comedy show until 2010. Unfortunately, besides the good times and successes, Rosella also had to go through a dark period. The dancer discovered she had endometriosis, one Gynecological diseases affecting the reproductive system. Unfortunately, it is very common in women of childbearing age.

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What happened to the ex-boyfriend, professor?

Rosella Brescia Today it is better and tried to eradicate the disease by performing two surgeries.
She has turned 50 and despite her age is still a very charming woman, with an enviable physique and a face of captivating Mediterranean beauty. It is popular with both TV viewers and radio listeners.

From 2016 is behavior All the madness about RDS. Dance continues to occupy a central role in her life. In fact, she teaches dance at the school that opened in Martina Franca, in Puglia.

Brescia still often performs in StageAnd this was the first way I dealt with Choreographer Luciano Matina Canetto. Also a former professor at Amici. The two have been together since 2008. Their relationship is very strong and it doesn’t seem like they are planning to get married at the moment.

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