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Remote foreclosure access for those with debts –

Remote foreclosure access for those with debts –

Consult current accounts and appoint a tax collector

The novelty relates to the confiscation of accounts discovered by referring to the archive of financial reports

. In the non-judicial stage (which takes place outside the court without the intervention of the judge), the collection agent will be able to access, via direct electronic communication, information related to the amounts available in the accounts. If the debtor’s credits appear in the presence of one or more financial dealers, the agent prepares the payment order and notifies the third party electronically, without delay, of the payment order. The debtor shall also be notified of the payment order, under penalty of invalidity, by the prescribed methods, within a maximum period of thirty days from the date of notification of the third party.

Controls on banks and post offices

The technical solutions for accessing information, provided for in the law, are determined by decree of the Ministry of Finance (which is also responsible for determining the specific IT methods by which the payment order must be prepared and notified electronically), after consultation with the Italian Banking System Association and Poste Italiano. The Italian Association of Payment Service Providers, as well as the guarantor of the protection of personal data. This is also determined for the purposes of the Revenue Agency adopting appropriate safeguard measures to protect the rights and freedoms of interested parties, by providing specific security measures, including measures of a regulatory nature.

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