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Sleep books and savings Italians.  What you need to know.  The deadlines

Sleep books and savings Italians. What you need to know. The deadlines

Rome, 10 May 2022 – sleep books, what is going on? Here are the deadlines and what we need to do to save our savings.

answer Lina Sguaseroattorney, collaboratorActive Consumers.

What are idle postal books

“We are generally talking about sleeping relationships The lawyer explains. This also includes Postal books. Hence passive relationships are cash deposits or financial instruments in custody, management and insurance contracts. They are considered as such if they have a balance greater than one hundred euros If no operation or movement is performed for 10 years.”

Sleep books and the savings of Italians: what’s going on

Post office notice

“Theoretically – explains Sguassero – the notice should arrive. Several consumers who have contacted us have received it. The post office informed the holders of the brochure that to avoid extinction They have two possibilities. Could you Send a call to the address then reported in the letter received, confirming possession and availability of the brochure. or they can Implementation of operations. Only one movement by withdrawing or debiting an amount. Basically, Poste Poste is asking for action to allow the ticket to be registered.”

Compliance deadlines

There are two deadlines, June 21 and October 20. Explanation of the Post Office Notice “Owners of “Pamphlets” are invited, By October 20, 2022, to give instructions at any post office and to allow personal registration of their brochure. Once the deadline has passed without any instructions given, Poste Italiane will have to proceed with the extinction of the pamphlet. The sums deposited thereon shall be transferred to the fund established under the Finance Law
2006 (Article 1, Paragraph 345 L.266/05).” But the deadline is instead of June 21 2022 For holders of “inactive” results booklets dated November 30, 2021. On the website a list of all “idle” postal savings books can be consulted. For more information, you can call the toll free number 800.00.33.22.

After these deadlines, the amounts deposited in the books of accounts will be donated Consap Fund.

Consap fund, what is it

Lina Sguassero explains, Consap “is a state-owned company where all these dormant relationships are put on standby. They can be redeemed for 10 years.” After this deadline, the state confiscates the funds

The forgotten money of the Italians

It sounds unbelievable but in general “there is a fundamental phenomenon of I forgot the money Italian savers. Let’s talk about billion euros‘, says the lawyer.

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