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Red Sea, Italian Navy takes command of Task Force – Final Hour

Red Sea, Italian Navy takes command of Task Force – Final Hour

The Italian Navy assumed command of Combined Task Force 153. The ceremony took place – as US Central Command wrote in X – at the Combined Maritime Forces Headquarters (CMF). The handover took place between Italian Navy Captain Roberto Messina and US Navy Captain David Coles, who has commanded Combined Task Force 153 since November.

This is the third time Italy has taken command of the task force since the establishment of the 42-nation maritime partnership in 2002.

Established on April 17, 2022, Combined Task Force 153 is one of five CMF task forces: it is responsible for maritime security operations in the Red Sea, Bab al-Mandab, and the western Gulf of Aden. “It is a true honor to hand over command to an incredibly strong naval partner like Italy,” David said. “I know the task force is in good hands and I look forward to celebrating the future accomplishments of CTF 153 under Captain Messina’s leadership.” Coles. Messina now leads a multinational task force of 35 people from 10 countries: “I look forward to working closely with partners – he announced – to ensure maritime safety and stability in this vital economic artery.”

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