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Export, Cremona 34th at the national level: exports amount to more than 6 billion

Export, Cremona 34th at the national level: exports amount to more than 6 billion

The lands of Cremonie are al 34th nationally for exportswith an export volume of more than 6 billion euros in 2023. Important numbers, slightly decreasing compared to 2022, where it was 6494, by -6.1% but with a noticeable increase compared to pre-Covid-19 levels: Since 2019, this number has increased by 31.2%.

Lexport in Italy

In any case, the trend is similar throughout Italy. Last year Italian exports really highlighted Overall stability compared to 2022. In absolute terms, sales abroad amounted to 626 billion euros. Among the 27 EU countries, only Germany with 1,562 billion and the Netherlands with 866 billion recorded a higher sales flow than ours.

Export in Lombardy

At the regional level, Lombardy also registered a certain stability: In 2023, goods worth more than 163 thousand billion were exported in our region, by +0.6% compared to 2022, and by +28% compared to 2019. On the other hand, and looking at the whole, Lombardy is the region that exports the most , followed by Emilia-Romagna (85.1 billion) and Veneto (81.9 billion), three regions that together account for more than half of Italian exports.

Where it is exported

Germany (74.6 billion), the United States (67.3 billion), France (63.4 billion), Spain (32.9 billion), and Switzerland (30.5 billion). Top five export destinations from Italy. Sales in these countries represent 43 percent of total sales.

Among these top five recipients, last year's sales decline was most notable in Germany (-3.6%) and Switzerland (-1.7%), while the contrast was positive in the USA, France and Spain.

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