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Ploaghe, a new digital outdoor gym

Ploaghe, a new digital outdoor gym

In my rhetoric, the outdoor gym for the “Sports in the Parks” program.

The first formally digitized and equipped district uniting the city from north to south was created in the name of sports in nature, accessibility and inclusion.

Yesterday, on the occasion of the day organized by the municipal administration dedicated to “Let’s Clean the World”, the appointment was also made to support the well-being of the citizen via Funtana Ena.
Sports in parks is the project promoted by Sport e Salute SpA, a state company for the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyles, in collaboration with ANCI and the municipality of Ploaghe, the representative and beneficiary of the project. So a new outdoor sports area has been created in the pine forest of Via Fontana Inna where you can meet and play sports.

Each device is equipped with a tutorial that can be referenced from the “QR Code”, which allows everyone to use it through their smartphone.

The goal is to promote well-being through movement in public parks, parks and urban areas.

A gift for citizens to be able to exercise in nature for free and without age limits. Sport and Health President and CEO Vito Cozzoli underlines the spirit of the idea. “Our company has always been interested in the regions – he says – because they want to promote everyone’s right to exercise. Sports in parks will add value to the idea that it is a sport that is available and should be available in every region of the country.”

The party took place at 11 and has been moderated ever since Rhetorical Mayor Carlo Sutgio. Stefano Esso, Sardinia’s Minister of Sports and Health, and Giamario Busillo, Sports Adviser and Wheelchair Tennis Champion Mariana Lauro, chaired it. The cooperation of the comprehensive institute “Sata Vice”, High School in Balaghi, is also very precious.

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The mayor of Pelaghi, Carlo Sutgio, emphasized the importance of the initiative. “With this equipped area – he says – connected to the multi-purpose stadium that was built a few months ago, we intend to combine outdoor sports with an important measure of urban renewal that will continue over the coming months, by completing the space within the pine forest and around social housing.”

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