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How will the 'psychological reward' work?

How will the ‘psychological reward’ work?

Health Minister Roberto Speranza on Friday announce to sign for decree Which activates the so-called “psychological reward”, an economic contribution that will help people afford a course of psychotherapy. The bonus was initially included as an amendment to the Budget Act, but was rejected in debate in the Senate last December. After much controversy, it was finally included in the Milleproroghe decree of February, with an amendment introduced by Democratic Party deputy Filippo Sensi.

A total of 20 million euros has been allocated for 2022: 10 million euros will be used to finance the direct contribution of citizens, and another 10 million to strengthen health facilities that provide psychological support. It will only be available to people with an ISEE of up to 50 thousand euros (the index used to frame household income). Once the decree is published in the Official Gazette, the date on which it can be requested will be communicated to the INPS: it can then be used by professionals registered in the Register of Psychologists who have notified the commitment to the initiative by their own command. . professional.

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Contributions will only be awarded once per person, and the value will be divided based on three ISEE income brackets. People with an ISEE of less than 15 thousand euros will get 600 euros, people with an ISEE between 15 and 30 thousand euros will get 400 euros and those with an ISEE between 30 and 50 thousand euros will get a contribution of 200 euros.

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The INPS will then establish the ratings, broken down by region and county of residence, and the contribution will be paid based on the order of application access, with priority given to people with the lowest ISEE, until the available resources are overburdened.

Given that the resources for financing the “psychological bonus” are limited to 10 million euros, it is very likely that not everyone who applies for it will be able to benefit from it. Moreover, from the moment your application is accepted, you will have 180 days to use the contribution: for each psychotherapy session, it will be possible to deduct a maximum of 50 euros from the bonus, which will be reimbursed to the psychiatrists directly via NBS.

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