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Laura Torrisi and the illness that made her end up in the hospital: ‘Venita is in a coma’

The ex-partner of Tuscan director Leonardo Perraccione, or the gorgeous Laura Torrisi, has revealed a formidable background, an illness that forced her to live in a nightmare “waking up.” But what exactly was he about? His story that can not leave you indifferent …

Laura Torrici She is undoubtedly well known to the Italian public also and – above all – for her acting style chameleon She had the opportunity to appear in the films in which she participated, but the adversities that she faced in life never lost her. His proverbial smileSo dear to his fans.

Laura Torrici Yobe

a illness Which completely changed her life. Laura Torrisi made herself known by the public, and reached the maximum notoriety when she participated in the film beautiful wife. Previously, he took his first steps in the world of entertainment by participating in beauty contest Miss Italy In 1998 and so on Big brother.

The meeting with Pieraccioni was essential

meeting with Leonardo PeraccioneAnd for Laura Torrisi at that point, a whole new path opened, both professionally and emotionally. A business relationship that then turned into a relationship Wonderful love story, Unfortunately then came to an end. However, the couple talked a lot about their relationship and the end of love. An attractive and passionate love, which allowed both of them to become parents. This will connect them forever.

I fell into a coma

But that’s not why Torrisi had to face the gods Truly tragic moments. The actress found herself face to face with important people Health problemsIt’s not simple at all and it’s also very disturbing. After undergoing emergency surgery for endometriosis, Laura was diagnosed with another disease. It was the actress who narrated it, during an interview with good health. His words shocked everyone!

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Laura Torrisi talks about illness
Laura Torrici Yobe

As reported by the site Politician 24when he was alone 9 monthsLaura Torrisi was so bad Until they ended up in a coma. At the time, the doctor thought it was just a milk allergy. The discovery then came in 2009, when the artist has undergone extensive medical examinations ever since can’t get pregnant. This caused her severe pain.

And at that exact moment she came and became aware of him celiac disease. After this discovery, Laura Torrici finally found an explanation for everything she had Health problems, previously lived. Fortunately, I took the news in time and was able to take the necessary behaviors to avoid it Problems More dangerous in the future.