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Paper or undifferentiated collection, where shopping receipts must be discarded


leaf or undifferentiated? When it comes to shopping receipts, this question torments us. In fact, the answer is not that clear, let’s find out why.

Collect waste separately

This topic is something that touches us closely. We care about our planet and have been committed for years to ensuring that we do Waste sorting It is done properly by the whole family. However, there are questions that continue to haunt us, and although the answers may seem obvious, in reality they are not. Just think of the list of sausages we might have been wrong to throw away for so long. Or at Plastic cutlery Sure, we’ve always thrown plastic around, and made mistakes.

Waste separation –

In short, even after so many years, many questions arise The correct location of the waste. Today it is up to Shopping receipts, someone thinks it’s obvious where to throw it, it’s paper receipts, so it’s put in paper, are you sure? What if I told you it wasn’t. Well, the receipts should be thrown away in the indistinguishablebut why?

Shopping receipts cannot be recycled

We all have to touch or deal with it receiptAnd with that, we realized that it is not ordinary paper. Actually, it is receipt card It is lighter and is coated with chemicals that make it lighter, but also more durable. Specifically when we talk about shopping receipts, we’re talking about them thermal paper, Any paper that already contains heat-reactive ink. For a better understanding, the writing on the receipt appears because these areas are hot, thus this technique allows the writing on the receipt to last longer.

Grocery receipt

Shopping receipt –

Because of these chemical components, receipt paper cannot be recycled with regular paper. In fact, the reaction in which its components must heat up can be problematic. Another interesting fact is to know that when we deal with the receipt, the chemical components on it are partial Our skin absorbs it. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to wash our hands thoroughly after handling a shopping receipt.

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Shopping Receipts: A Sustainable Environmental Proposal

As seen widely receipts They are made from one Non-recyclable papermaking it unsustainable. If we then add the fact that thousands of receipts are printed every day around the world, things only get worse. Precisely for these reasons in California We are considering banning paper receipts and replacing them with paper receipts electronic. A truly innovative idea that can change the current situation.

Receipts: An unsustainable option

Receipts: an unsustainable option –

non-profit organization called Green Americait is only estimated at United States of America They are used every year 75 billion liters of water And they come cut down 10 million trees, This is only for producing receipts. Truly alarming data indicating the need for real change, just as California decided to do so.

While we wait for change, let’s remember to throw shopping receipts in the trash.


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