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Paola Perego angry: This is what

Paola Perego angry: This is what

A long career and soon to be back on Rai2 with Citofonare Rai2 with his trusted companion and friend Simona Ventura. Paula Perego tells her story and does not send her to tell that presenter who made her really angry.

Many years of work and a reassuring face loved by millions of Italians Paula Perego. He is always able to stay in breach, not to lose the enamel through forty years of Italian television, private and public. ready to go back with Rai2 intercom with Simona VenturaAn adventurous partner, companion but also a reliable friend. The format is repeated after the success of the first edition last year.

Talk about his career And much more in context Interview with LEGO Daily In which she confronted Ventura, and talked about many things, even an unwelcome moment was her victim. Let’s say Perego was really angry, on the occasion when the presenter who was interviewing her started with an unwelcome question, after being asked before going on air, “Don’t ask me a specific question because there’s a family problem and instead I started with that question. I wouldn’t do something like that.” For a guest. Why? For an extra sharing point? Respect is worth more than anything else.”

Being right is key for Paola PeregoHe always says it and says it and makes it clear with the facts. “If there’s a topic you don’t want to talk about, don’t talk about it. I have great respect for private life.” in the report With Simona VenturaThen he said “sWe are in harmony. When you get tired you pull me and vice versa. We are basically bullshit. We both love to work. This year I’ve been doing TV shows for 40 which is 35, then 75 in two and we still want to have fun.”

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Speaking of fun, history is with Intercom Rai2, Sunday from 11.15.