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GF Vip and Stefania Nobile break up Antonino: “Like Giuseppe Conte”

GF Vip and Stefania Nobile break up Antonino: “Like Giuseppe Conte”

Big Brother VIP

Entrepreneur, daughter of Wanna Marchi, talks about Casa di Cinecittà and destroys Spinalbese, then demolishes Luca

Stefania Nobile commented on Big Brother Vip 7 Focusing on two competitors, Antonino Spinalbes and Luca Onstini. Interviewed by her mother, Wanda Marchi, by Casa People, the entrepreneur said that in her eyes the worst givino in the seventh edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini is the hairdresser. There are reasons why Stefania can’t stand Belén Rodriguez’s ex-boyfriend. She was asked who she would choose to sponsor among the competitors at Casa di Cinecittà and who did not want to.

At this point, theHe confesses to Nobile that he detests Antonino. He didn’t use kind words towards him Spinalbese, who recently returned to Casa He was reunited with his roommates after a short stint in the hospital due to a health problem.

“They all love him and I can’t stand him, I hate him. To me, it’s stuff… Please, God, it’s anti-lust, anti-human, against everything”

To annoy Stefania Nobile would be The voice of Belin’s ex-partner. Not only that, although you emphasized that this was not your intention, you made a kind of comparison between Antonino and the former Prime Minister. Both of them will have a voice that a business woman’s ears can’t stand.

“He has a painful voice. I hate people whose voices have no high or low. So does Giuseppe Conte. It’s not that I’m comparing Antonino to Conte… I don’t raise it too high. But they have a terrible voice like a dentist’s drill.”

And the criticism of Spinalbese did not end here, as he often declared on GF Vip 7 that he misses his daughter Luna Marì very much.

“Whether he’s talking about love, or his daughter, or roast potatoes, he always looks tired. It seems like he’s been doing something with a woman up until the moment. And then it’s insulting if she’s taken as a myth or the epitome of sensuality. In my time there were stars.” Real like Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. I wonder how he can please”

Wanna Marchi’s daughter had her say on another Vippone, and this is it Luca Onestini. The former Tronista for men and women, unlike what happened during his participation in the second edition of the reality show, does not know who knows what positive comments are. Especially after Mother’s spree in the garden of the houseLuka lost more support.

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Stefania Nobile joined all those who stood against Onestini, and remained disillusioned. In fact, there are many who point out that giffino seems to have completely changed the aims of the game compared to the last time they saw him at the most home-spy in Italy.

“I’m so sorry for the number Onestini makes. It made me realize the character wasn’t her. It was Onestons Tonon, Onestin gone. He talks a lot, I didn’t think a guy could be so gossipy. Then if he has to lash out, do it to his face.” “