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Paid parking, if you call this number they will cancel your fine: do it immediately

Paid parking, if you call this number they will cancel your fine: do it immediately

Parking fine canceled – Source –

If this situation arises before you, you only have this solution: If you do this, you can avoid wasting your money.

What we are talking about today in this article is One of the most common situations that motorists can encounter in their lives. This is done in paid parking lots, which, as we all unfortunately know, are increasingly widespread in our country. Leave the car parked Without paying anything it seems to have become practically impossible, especially when we talk about areas such as major cities and historical centers, but not only.

Among the costs that have increased in recent months are parking costs. In fact, park your car It costs more and more There are cities that expected increases, especially for the categories of cars that are considered the most polluting. Let's talk, for example, about Paris, which has raised prices for SUV parking, an option that may soon come into effect in other cities such as Milan.

Although the cost of parking has increased significantly, it is obviously dangerous to leave your car without doing so. If you are caught, the consequences can be truly tragic and the fines are very hefty. But what should you do when you find a broken parking meter??

What to do when your parking meter breaks

This is a situation that many people have already faced in their lives. After parking, you go to the parking meter to pay when it's due and find it's broken. So what should you do when you encounter such a situation?

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First of all, the advice we give you is: Immediately contact the traffic police and inform them of your inability to pay Parking within the blue lines. the police In fact, they can advise you which nearby parking meter is on. However, you must remember to provide all data about your car, to avoid fines.

What to do when the parking meter breaks - Source -
What to do when the parking meter is broken – Source –

In addition to calling the police, what to do when you find yourself in this situation

It's not just about calling the police, there are also other tips you can follow if you want to avoid huge fines. Firstly, we advise you to do so Photography of parking meter not working: This way you have proof of the impossibility of using the device.

Better then still You have a witness Who can confirm whether the parking meter is malfunctioning: In the event of an appeal against the fine, you can rely on them.